The Story of JaR

Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum are in this series of brief videos sharing with us the story of how their band JaR - Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum came about and how the songs were shaped.

On this page we will keep the archive of the videos. The latest episode is first posted on the intro pages of the website of JaR as well as on Jay's website and then transferred to this page, so you will never miss an episode.

We will be archiving the previous episodes here so you will not miss out on any of the episodes.

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EPISODE 10 is dedicated to the title song of the album - SCENE 29 - which is a major tribute to the movie genre "film noir". Jay and Randy are both heavily into film noir and decided to create a sort of Frankenstein lyric for this song, based on catch phrases from various noir dramas, blending the lines, making it a cohesive story within the lyric. Randy also does a few really funny voice impressions on this song. Check it out!


In EPISODE 9 of the video series Jay and Randy get into the song CRUMBLE DOWN and, among other things, the importance of avoiding platitudes when writing lyrics.


EPISODE 8 of the video series is about the song GPS. This video is illustrated by Don Roberts, who created an amazing animated video for the GPS story.


In EPISODE 7 of the video series Randy and Jay discuss the beautiful ballad - WORLDS APART - on which Jay plays nylon string guitar. Randy recalls how he came up with song title when visiting the Getty museum ... and more ... Enjoy!


EPISODE 6 of the video series is about the song YOUR HEARTBREAK, which was the beginning of it all, i.e. the song that made Jay and Randy start thinking about forming a band. Jay and Randy also talk about this in Episode 1 of the series. Check out a clip of Randy's very cool video footage, within this episode and another clip in the first video, from the recording of the song at Garden Rake Studios!


EPISODE 5 of the video series, gives you the ideas and creative process behind the song MAKE SOMEBODY, e.g. how Jay mixed their voices fading in and out, singing the lines within the verse like a duet, rather than singing one verse each, and other cool effects.


Here below is EPISODE 4 of the video series, in which Jay and Randy share with us the creative process behind the song ESQUIRE.


Here below is EPISODE 3 of the video series.

Jay and Randy continue their journey down memory lane through the writing and recording process of JaR - SCENE 29. In this third episode they talk about the song CALL DONOVAN.


Here below is EPISODE 2 of the video series.

Hey all,
Randy and I are very happy with the cool montages Kerstin is coming with in the JaR story episodes! We think you'll like this stuff as much as we do!

Kerstin has become an outstanding video editor! She will be uploading more videos real soon. - Jay

Ran and I thought it would be fun and informative to do a video series as to how JaR came about, along with details as to the creation and recording of most of the songs. There will be a new episode posted every now and then, starting with the Scene 29 album. We have already videoed the episodes for the next JaR album as well (CODE), and will post those later on, when that CD is ready for release. - Jay Graydon

For our JaR fans, both new and long-standing, here's the first in a series of video interviews which will continue up until the release of our new upcoming album, and beyond. We appreciate all of you so much, and with that being said, let's get started! - Randy Goodrum

EPISODE 1 - How It All Started