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You have just unlocked the door to another dimension, unveiling an astonishing world of creativity - the NEXT STEP in the quest for intelligent, urgent, innovative, no-compromise music. You have entered into a wondrous land of amazing new sounds and fresh ideas by lifelong friends and exceptionally gifted colleagues in music ...

Randy and Jay at Garden Rake Studios
Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum working together as the supergroup - JaR.



JaR Fans, while we're mixing preparing our new project for release we offer this track Sometimes You Win which was the bonus track from our Pony Canyon release of Scene 29. Please savor this classic Westcoast ballad while we're busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on our next album project titled - CODE - Randy and Jay


The first album, SCENE 29 by JaR, is available from CD BABY as a physical album, a full album mp3 download or a digital download of individual songs. Read all the RAVE REVIEWS this album is getting from happy music loving buyers all over the planet!

Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum have worked together for many years and having written songs like e.g. GIVE IT UP for DeBarge, HAUNTING ME for Dave Grusin, PLEASURE OVER PAIN and HEART'S HORIZON for Al Jarrreau, LOST WITHOUT HER LOVE for El DeBarge and the super hit WHO'S HOLDING DONNA NOW for DeBarge, they realized they should become a band, to write more songs together and release on their own record label. So they formed the supergroup JaR and released their first album SCENE 29 in 2008, which received rave reviews for the superb songs and stellar production.

The Story of JaR

Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum are in a series of brief videos sharing with us the story of how their band JaR - Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum came about and how the songs were shaped.

We will be archiving the previous episodes here so you will not miss out on any of the episodes.

EPISODE 10 is dedicated to the title song of the album - SCENE 29 - which is a major tribute to the movie genre "film noir". Jay and Randy are both heavily into film noir and decided to create a sort of Frankenstein lyric for this song, based on catch phrases from various noir dramas, blending the lines, making it a cohesive story within the lyric. Randy also does a few really funny voice impressions on this song. Check it out!

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Enjoy your stay in the JaRZone!

Latest update October 29, 2016