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You have just unlocked the door to another dimension, unveiling an astonishing world of creativity - the NEXT STEP in the quest for intelligent, urgent, innovative, no-compromise music. You have entered into a wondrous land of amazing new sounds and fresh ideas by lifelong friends and exceptionally gifted colleagues in music ...
Randy and Jay at Garden Rake Studios
Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum working together as the supergroup - JaR.

Their first album SCENE 29 is available from CD BABY as a physical album, a full album mp3 download or a digital download of individual songs. Read all the RAVE REVIEWS this album is getting from happy music loving buyers all over the planet!

Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum have worked together for many years and having written songs like e.g. GIVE IT UP for DeBarge, HAUNTING ME for Dave Grusin, PLEASURE OVER PAIN and HEART'S HORIZON for Al Jarrreau, LOST WITHOUT HER LOVE for El DeBarge and the super hit WHO'S HOLDING DONNA NOW for DeBarge, they realized they should become a band, to write more songs together and release on their own record label. So they formed the supergroup JaR and released their first album SCENE 29 in 2008, which received rave reviews for the superb songs and stellar production.

LATEST NEWS from Jay Graydon - November 10, 2015!!!

It's been like 5 years since Randy and I started working on the upcoming JaR CD. We take JaR very seriously and dealing with the programming in the best fashion as to make sound and feel good takes major time. The ironic part is the song writing process went quickly. After the programming was complete, the overdubs began, which take time as well as to find fresh parts. I spent much time trying different guitar techniques like playing single notes to shape chords. In some cases, you will think I am playing steel guitar, which is not what I did. Instead I bent strings along with other tricks. All of that grunt work paid off as you will hear.

I have started to mix the songs. That may take like 3 months since I will get very picky and Randy's input as to the mix will constantly be in play.

The difference of the mix on this CD compared to the last JaR CD is the new CD will be bigger sounding in general.

So much more to note when we are finished.

As with the last CD, we will not use bus compression that will hurt dynamics. We refuse to get into the level wars that pop music does for one major reason — on a stereo system, there is a control called a volume control to make the playback as loud as you want.

Of course we will recommend buying the CD as it will always sound better than MP3 files BUT as to iTunes downloads, we are considering compressing those files since when playing on a computer without outboard speakers, the compressed level is needed to get the level loud enough.

Again, the compression will destroy dynamics.

So we need input from our fans. If you will not buy the CD and will be playing in iTunes (or the like) without outboard big speakers, we ask you give us feedback regarding compressing the download version. The majority will win so please note if you will buy the download, do you want it compressed or not?"

Please e-mail us your thoughts regarding compressing or not compressing the download version. - Jay and Randy


Enjoy your stay in the JaRZone!

Latest update November 25, 2015